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Triple Shredded Hardwood Bark - Our Best Seller. A variety of hardwood barks. Fibers lock together allowing mulch to stay in place. Excellent for hills. Resistant to washout with weather, also acts as a weed retardant. Recommended for natural areas, as a top dress for a finished look. Contrasts well against green grass. 1" to 3" fiber length average.

Red Designer Mulch - Ground wood from pallets, dyed with a red colorant - EPA approved. Black and Brown Designer Mulch also available.

Mini Pine Bark Nuggets - 1" to 2 " nugget size - our most popular.

Large Pine Bark Nuggets - 3" to 4 " nugget size

Pine Bark Mulch - Shredded pine bark with ground splintered wood. Fiber lengths from 5 to 10 inches.

Certified Playground Matting - Engineered wood fiber meeting wheelchair accessibility requirements of ASTM PS83-97 and impact attenuation requirements of ASTM F1292-99.

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